Health Stay
Fee Schedule
Mission Statement

A person needing to recuperate from an injury, surgery, or a non-communicable illness (must be fully ambulatory) can recover in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere while staying in one of the ten (10) furnished guest cottages located on the grounds.  Guests must be over 18 years of age and are required to provide a Doctor’s hand written original prescription advising a stay at Lone Wolf Colony would be beneficial to the patient's healing process and health.  Guests are allowed up to two (2) weeks stay per year.  The three (3) forms which can be accessed below must be printed, completed, and submitted by mail or FAX to Lone Wolf Colony for approval fourteen (14) days prior to the requested stay.  Although there is no charge required, a suggested donation of $5.00 per day is appreciated.  All three (3) completed and signed forms must be submitted for approval for the stay by Lone Wolf Colony Management. 

The Medical Stay Registration Form (click here) must have the Doctor's hand written original prescription recommending a recuperative stay at Lone Wolf Colony attached. 

The Medical Stay Applicant & Guest Information Form (click here) must be printed and completed.

The Cabin Rules Form (click here) must be printed and signed to acknowledge the guest is aware of the rules.

Once completed, all three (3) forms must be submitted for approval by Lone Wolf Colony Management by mail to: 

Lone Wolf Colony
23200 Bear Valley Rd.
Apple Valley, CA 92308

Or, faxed to Lone Wolf Colony at (760) 961-1503.

Guests must be fully ambulatory.

Guests must have Lone Wolf Colony Management approval for the stay prior to arriving for the stay.